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Cash Discount

Small Businesses are facing an unprecedented challenge, as near record inflation rates have caused a range of operational costs to skyrocket.
To help minimize the damage and protect your bottom line, we offer our Cash Discount program: a compliant solution in every state that allows you to pass up to 100% of your processing fees onto customers who pay with card - while simultaneously offering discounts for those paying with cash!
Simply put: We eliminate your downside and let your upside take care of itself.

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Keep More Of Your Money!

  • Offset up to 100% Of Your Processing Cost
  • Crystal Clear Statements
  • No Early Termination Fees

Flat Rate

Our Flat Rate pricing option offers the perfect solution for businesses seeking to avoid fluctuating rates. With this plan in place, you will enjoy consistent convenience with one flat rate percentage applied to every Visa®, MasterCard®, or Discover Card sale - eliminating your fear over what processing costs may be incurred.

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  • Never wonder about the cost to process a card payment!

  • Same rate no matter what card someone uses!

  • Avoid surprises!

  • Know your exact cost to process card payments!

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We specialize in providing tailored solutions for businesses, so you can select from a wide range of modern terminals and mobile systems, up to full restaurant-spec equipment.

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WOW payments solutions will help you stay ahead of the competition - Enabling sophisticated eCommerce websites and secure mobile payments so your business is ready for tomorrow's buyers. Enjoy a seamless payment experience today!

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