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30,000+ businesses trust WOW for payment processing savings.


30,000+ businesses trust WOW for payment processing savings.

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The WOW Difference

Flat Fee Pricing

Forget complex pricing, always understand what you will be paying with a flat fee pricing.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager for all your needs is part of the WOW difference.
Have 1 single point of contact for anything you need.

Clover or Pax Hardware

Depending on your businesses's processing volume, qualify for a free station.

Business types

The types of businesses we serve:


Cafe & Bakery


Food Truck


Barber Shop

Hair Salon

Make Up


Clothing Stores

Auto Repair


What our clients say about us

Paul Langston

WoW Payments merchant processing has redefined what it means to be a satisfied business owner. With their extensive line- up of Free POS Systems as well as 100% Elimination of your credit card processing fees it's no wonder why INC. Magazine featured WoW as the company that has turned the industry on its ear.

Di&Di Corp

I don't write reviews but this is worth sharing. have recently started processing with a company called WoW Payments and they are appropriately named. When they claimed to Eliminate 100% of my processing fees knew there had to be a catch. WoW was I wrong. They did exactly what they said and am saving thousands of dollars on processing.

Daniel Snyder

Of course WOW Payments is way cheaper than my old credit card processing provider, but they also offer far better service. Kofi, in particular, is extraordinarily cordial, but their whole team is dependable and hard-working.

PAX hardware

PAX A920

5″ Touchscreen Integrated camera Powered by Android Built-in Printer

PAX Elys Workstation

14” FHD Touch Screen Display Front Camera Fingerprint Reader Dual Band Wi-Fi Bluetooth 5.0

Clover hardware

Clover Mini

Handheld Device Built-in Printer Barcode Scanner Table-Side Ordering

Clover Flex

Larger Touch Screen Email or text receipts Built-in Printer WiFi or LTE Connectivity

Clover Station Solo

14” HD Touch Screen Receipt Printer Cash Drawer All-In-One

Banking services that reward you

Experience fee-free banking while enjoying the perks of a debit card that rewards you with unlimited 1% cash back on purchases. Delight in earning interest on your account balances and take advantage of our introductory offer—a welcome bonus of up to $1,000.

1% Unlimited Cash Back

Get 1% unlimited cash back on all your spending: no rotating categories, sign-ups, or tricks.

Welcome Bonus

Get a welcome bonus once you sign up

2% On Your Balance

Boost your savings with a 2% credit on your balances; let your money earn for you.

No Fees

Our banking services are free, with no overdrafts, minimum balances, or minimum deposit requirements.

Employee Cards

Issue cards to your employees with customizable spending limits and category-specific expenditure controls.

Working Capital

Secure working capital to boost your business growth. Invest in upgrades, staff, and marketing to thrive.

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No activation fees. No one time fees. No hidden contracts.