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Want to start your e-mail marketing campaign? Looking for tools to manage your opt-in email list? Evaluating different types of email marketing software? You found great solution with MailerMailer!

Professional Email Newsletters and campaigns in 3 easy steps!
1. Upload your existing list or create a list sign-up page
2. Fill in the blanks in our templates or enter your own HTML/Text
3. Target your list and click "send".

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Mail features of MailerMailer email list managment

Professional Emails, Easy List Management

  • Target emails based on interests, demographics, or custom questions
  • Personalize each email automatically (dramatically increases readership)
  • Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe
  • Templates to create and preview email newsletters, product sales campaigns, and more
  • Automatic formatting and delivery of HTML or text email
  • Send preview email to yourself
  • Schedule date and time to send your email messages
  • Automatic tracking and flagging of invalid email addresses
  • Instant purging of duplicate email addresses
  • Confirmed opt-in

Tips & Ideas to Help Your Organization

Email newsletters and campaigns are a very profitable way to build your business, gain exposure, and improve relationships with your community.

This site offers an email list management service which automates just about everything you need to do it: creating a list signup form, managing subscribe/unsubscribe requests, removing duplicate email addresses, gathering demographic information, filtering your list member database to target messages, personalizing each message, and tracking responses to every link inside your messages.

Here are some ways you can use it in your business:

  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Set up an instant guest book for your web site
  • Send newsletters to customers and contacts based on their interests or demographics
  • Offer free tips on your area of expertise
  • Announce events
  • Email promotional offers, discounts and coupons
  • Introduce new products
  • Promote contests
  • Start a fee-based or advertising-sponsored newsletter


  • Report breaking news in your industry
  • Create an opt-in email list of editors and reporters for sending press releases
  • Notify customers of scheduled maintenance or repairs
  • Inform clients about service disruptions
  • Provide technical support information
  • Send out reminders
  • Update customers about software upgrades, bug fixes or patches
  • Advise people about urgent issues

If you send email messages to groups of people and do it manually, stop! You're wasting your time. It's way too time-consuming, plus there's no way to get an instant snapshot of the results. Instead, use our service to send personalized, targeted emails to hundreds, thousands (even millions) of people with just a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions about MailerMailer

How many fields can I have for my opt-in email list ?
You can have general contact info (email, first name, last name, title, company, address, city, state, zip code, country, phone, fax, and email format preference) plus up to 7 custom fields, 6 of which can have up to 8 answers each and the 7th which can have up to 64 answers. You can use a custom field to capture your subscribers' demographics and interests, or to set up different "sub-lists", such as "Technology", "Finance", etc. You may also have up to three custom open text fields.

Can recipients update their information?
When you send your message, use the {{user("unsubaddr")}} tag, which is the unsubscribe/update tag anywhere in your message. It will automatically create a custom link for each recipient so they can update their information.

If I upload my list, do my subscribers get the "welcome" message?
When you upload a opt-in email list, no welcome message is sent since we presume these people are already on the list.

Can I use a opt-in email list that I purchased?
No. This service is only for opt-in lists. Sending email to a purchased list is against our Acceptable Use Policy and will result in termination of your account without refund.

Can I send emails with audio, video, or attachments?
We do not permit sending attachments since you might unknowingly send a computer virus. We have a better solution which our customers like more than sending attachments: place the attachment or audio/video file on your server and put a link to it in your message. Our service lets you track who clicked on those links and when so you can actually get a real-time report of who's opening your attachment or accessing your audio/video file. This gives you much more valuable information than simply sending the attachment and not knowing if people are using or accessing it.

Can subscribers remove themselves from my list automatically?
Yes, each subscriber can remove themselves from your list automatically by clicking on the unsubscribe/update link that you include in your messages. You can also use an unsubscribe email tag if you do not want to use a link tag. This is a 'fail-safe' unsubscribe method so users need not enter the email address from which they signed up. Our service automatically detects that when they click on their unsubscribe link (or send email to the unsubscribe address).

Can I stop delivery of my message once it starts to go out?
No, our systems send the emails out very fast. Once a message has started to go out, you cannot shut off delivery. However, we do allow you to schedule your messages so you can prepare a message today and send it next week if you'd like, giving you plenty of time to decide whether you want to cancel it until the actual delivery time. Once you've scheduled a mailing, you can cancel it at any time before it goes out.

Can I see statistics for my newsletter or email marketing campaign?
Yes, you can view complete tracking reports in real-time through our "View Reports" section.

What type of information is tracked?
We track bounces, unsubscribes, subscribes, and click-tracking on each link within your message (when you include the click-tracking tags). The click-tracking reports include the number of clicks to a link, the click rate, and who clicked on it and when. All of these reports are available in real-time.

How do you handle undeliverable emails (bounces)?
Undeliverable addresses are removed after 5 successive occurrences of bounces (5 separate consecutive messages being emailed to them and being returned as undeliverable). We make several attempts each hour for 5 days per message. The reason we do it this way is that we've seen some people's email systems be down for a week or two (sometimes longer) till their tech staff can get it back up and running. An undeliverable email could be due to several reasons, including an email system being down, a change of email address by the recipient, an emailbox being full, etc.

It is best not to suspend or unsubscribe the undeliverable addresses manually. Our system will do it automatically after giving the recipients enough time to make sure that the bounce is caused by a true bad address instead of one of the other possible reasons.

Can I export reports to Excel?
You can export subscriber information, including all of the demographic and custom field information you collect or that subscribers update. You can also export new subscribers and a list of those who unsubscribed. The format is a tab delimited text file which is easily imported into Excel.

Does my list automatically update itself when someone unsubscribes?
Yes, instantly.

What is the lead time to set-up my account?
The set-up is in real-time. Once your credit card is entered, it takes a few seconds to process (free accounts do not require credit card information). If you want to do a custom list upload as mentioned above, send it to upload@mailermailer.com and allow one business day to get it online.

Can your service be used for adult content?
We're sorry but adult content violates our Acceptable Use Policy so you may not use MailerMailer to distribute adult content.

Can I manage my list on my server?
MailerMailer is not designed for you to manage your list on your own server since you could inadvertantly upload people who have already unsubscribed and send email to them again. That could lead to spam complaints or blocking of your messages by ISPs, etc. We include a fail-safe unsubscribe method so that our systems automatically identify the recipient that is unsubscribing, even if their email was forwarded to another address. In addition to tracking unsubscribes, we also track bounces and automatically suspend addresses that have bounced 5 consecutive messages you tried to send them.

Can I provide a new list for each broadcast?
Our system does not have a feature to delete lists on a regular basis. This is done for several reasons. One is to keep a detailed history of when a person subscribed and unsubscribed. Another is to minimize the chance of re-uploading an address that has already unsubscribed (which can cause spam complaints). Yet another is that we also keep detailed bounce tracking records for each address and deleting an entire list loses this tracking information.

You can upload new lists at any time, but not delete the previous ones for the reasons noted above.

Do I have to do anything to my email system's MX record?
There is no need to do anything with your MX record. When you create an account, you are prompted to enter the "From" address. Our system sends a confirmation message to that address just to make sure that it's a valid address. When you reply to the confirmation, that "From" address is activated within MailerMailer and your messages will have that as the "From" line.


Mailer Mailer Customer testimonials:

"Very user-friendly... makes the lay-person look like an expert in managing email lists." - Jeffrey Kaplan

"Thank you! I can't believe how quick and easy it was to set up my list." - Mary Waring

"... one of the most user-friendly services I have come across. I had our account up and running in a matter of minutes" - Mark House

"The live reporting, especially the 'Who Clicked' report, gives us instant feedback on what our subscribers are interested in." - Doug Allston

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