A Beginner's Guide to Ezine Publishing

by Brian Alt

Introduction: What is Ezine Publishing?

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So, you've heard about this cool phenomenon of ezine publishing but you're not sure where to start? This brief tutorial serves as an introduction to the world of email publishing.

First off, what is an ezine?

The word "ezine" is a shortened version of "electronic zine." The word "zine" is actually a shortened version of "fanzine," which is a word used to describe short self-published magazines usually published for passion rather than profit. Typical fanzines are devoted to a certain band, celebrity, movie genre, political party, or something similar.

While "zine" was not originally intended as simply a shortened version of the word "magazine," it is often used as such, and "ezine" if often used to mean "electronic magazine." In fact, the meaning of the word "ezine" has expanded quite a bit beyond its original intent and is often used synonymously with "electronic publication."

To complicate matters further, ezines can be email-based, Web-based, or presented in some other electronic format. However, for the most part, when publishers speak of their "ezines," they're usually referring to an email publication of some kind. So, if we wanted to be as clear as possible, we could say "email publication" at every opportunity. But that gets pretty cumbersome, and "ezine" sounds a lot better.

Keep in mind that the evolution of these words has all primarily taken place in the past ten years, so the definitions are far from static. For the purposes of this tutorial (and this entire website, for that matter), the word "ezine" should be interpreted as meaning "email publication." "Email newsletter" is also often used synonymously with these other terms.

And in case you were wondering, "ezine" is pronounced EE-zeen.

"Ezine publishing" is nearly as old as email itself. It has grown in popularity over the last several years to the point where there are thousands of ezines covering virtually every topic under the sun. Take a look at a few of the more popular ezine directories to get an idea of just how many ezines there are.

Article by Brian Alt. Source: EPGDigest.com - The Email Publishing Digest is a free daily ezine for ezine publishers. It contains helpful advice on ezine promotion, email list management, email marketing, revenue generation, and more.


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