Free Ways To Promote Your Website

Website traffic - I guess this subject is one of the most popular subjects in

the web marketing. If you just started with your website and haven’t got too much cash to spare on advertising, you need to find ways to get some free web site traffic. I willl try to share here with you some of the ways to start driving visitors to your website.

Let’s be honest and none of this ways will bring you thousands of visitors in a day. But most of this methods will help you to announce your website, start getting some visitors and build up good traffic in future.

Search Engines: It is the most important traffic source for you. This can your biggest source of traffic now and ever if you optimized & submitted your site properly. There are thousands of search engines on the web, but in reality you need to set the priority to get submitted to the main ones first: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Then you can use some Free web based submission tools to submit to smaller search engines. Don’t forget about the directories. Submission to directories almost always have to be done manually. The most important directories out there are: Yahoo, DMOZ,BOTW.

Exchange links with other sites. You might not get a huge traffic flow from this, but link popularity is important to your search engines ranking. Read more about this in our article about link popularity.

Publish your ezine: If you are planning to start a newsletter or ezine on your website make sure you register it with ezine libraries. There are plenty of Ezine directories on the Net. Take a look at a few of the more popular ezine directories to get an idea of just how many ezines there are. Submitting your ezine to this directories can help you to get new visitors to your site, interested in what you have to say. If you don't know what ezine is, Click here to learn more about it.

Write good Article Hundreds of webmasters around the Net are trying to find a good content for their website. If you can share your knowledge with them it can benefit you both. When you wrote an article, submit it to ezine articles directories. Articles can re-printed by webmasters for free if they include author’s info & links. So you will get free links pointing to your sites and this links can be very effective, because if you what you wrote is an interesting content then people would want to hear more of what you have to say. Another good option is to submit your article to PRWeb. A PRWeb press release can help your business get reach and publicity on the web across search engines, blogs and websites in just a few easy steps.

Free Classifieds. Hmm.. not exactly the best source for web traffic, but why not give it a try. After all it’s free and even if you get only few visits from them it would be still worth it. Read more on the subject in our article about classified ads

Banners exchange: Exchanging banner impressions with other sites or within a network. This is 2 way street and if you don’t have a lot of traffic and can’t provide good number of banner impressions, then you will not get a lot of your banner impressions. However many banner exchange networks will give you free impressions as a sign-up bonus. It can be something from 5000 to 25 000 impressions. You can use them to start the ball rolling and get some traffic to your site. We are giving some valuable info on the subject in our article about banner exchange. Alternatively we recommend Asklink is a free public service that allows members to exchange or buy banners and quality related backlinks.

Signature file. A short message that you can include at the end of your e-mail messages, which can contain description of your website and services. It can have a good effect and free too.

So here are few ways to start getting visitors to your website. All of them are free and you can start working on your web site traffic right now!