Give your visitors something to return to your site! Give them value!

You can find this advise in many marketing articles & tips. But it is always difficult to decide what could you possible offer your customers to keep them coming back to your website. Well, the solution can be as simple as that - give them an email address!

It is really as simple as that. There are few companies on the Web that can help you to offer your visitors free or paid e-mail at your existing website or domain name for a very reasonable price. All you do is add some code on your pages that will let your users sign up for the e-mail and login. There are few advantage to this.

  • you giving them value and attaching them to your website
  • you get actual email address that you can use then from their permission to send your promotional offers
  • you can rotate your banner ads in the web based email interface! This can even be your extra source of income, because you can sell this advertising space. The most important is to choose email provider company that will not pretend to share any of this banner impressions (there are some companies that take this feature completely out of you and they rotate only their banner ads to your visitors).

If you want to give it a test run, I can recommend NetMongol a value-priced outsourced e-mail solution. They let you keep 100% of of the ad space and do not require any NetMongol branding! Prices start at a low $24.95 for up to 1000 users. Click here to visit NetMongol website for more information.



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